ICT Business Value Consulting

We help you build “resilient” and “sustainable” business solutions that bring you added value!


We tailor our clients solutions by understanding their specific business environment and then work collaboratively with them addressing these needs with custom and perfectly knit solutions.

We place high premium on differentiating our solutions – working closely with industry partners and technology experts to deliver the best.

By combining innovation with customized solutions, our clients are always happy to use and enjoy the added value – this is the mark of our footprint!


1. Telecom Business Optimization

2. Business Continuity Management

3. BCP Audit & Compliance

4. Training & Coaching

– TOP Center of Expertise – Certified Partner, Totally Optimized Projects
– PMI-PMP, ACP – Project Management Institute, PMBOK based training

Telecoms Business Optimization

  • Strategy Execution
  • Program & Project Management

Business Continuity Management

Minimum impact of a major disruption to the organization, making sure that critical business functions are able to resume operations in a timely manner.

BCP Audit and Compliance

  • Business Continuity Plan Audit and Maintenance
  • IT Risk Audit
  • Compliance Verification (BS 25999-1:2006, BS 25999-2:2007, ISO/IEC 22301:2012, ISO/IEC 27031:2011, BS ISO/IEC 24762:2008)

5G hype and random thoughts on 4G LTE-M!

5G is indeed a “re-invention of telecoms”!… classic telco services would be disrupted, initial network deployments would be NSA (Non Stand Alone)… but telcos need not forget 4G LTE-M network capability: industrial IoT, mission critical services and other campus IoT solutions can already be delivered. Telcos are eager to launch first but the monetizing strategy

“failure to plan is planning to fail”

A common mistake by most organizations is the statement; “we have an IT DR Plan, we are all ok”; This can be misleading as it is also essential that a Business Continuity Plan is implemented for critical personnel, key business processes, recovery of vital records, critical supplier identification, key vendors as well as clients. Business Continuity Planning

The 80% Myth

Successful businesses expect the unexpected and plan for it. Disruptions to an organization’s business can result in the risk of data loss, revenue loss, and failure to deliver services as normal or in extreme cases, failure to deliver services at all. Business continuity management, BCM does exactly what it says: it helps organizations prepare for


1. DRP Benchmark with ISO 27031 IRBC (for Private, Governmental and Non governmental Organizations)
2. DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) : Recovery ICT Solutions for ensuring the “continuity” of critical business functions in the event of a major disruption ; Business Continuity Plan, BCP
3. Benchmark : customized model questionnaire for audit investigation – Metrics + Keywords
4. ISO 27031 IRBC Standard – Framework for defining the requirements for ICT Readiness for Business Continuity.