5G hype and random thoughts on 4G LTE-M!

5G is indeed a “re-invention of telecoms”!… classic telco services would be disrupted, initial network deployments would be NSA (Non Stand Alone)… but telcos need not forget 4G LTE-M network capability: industrial IoT, mission critical services and other campus IoT solutions can already be delivered.

Telcos are eager to launch first but the monetizing strategy isn’t very clear at this stage… this presents a lot of opportunity for new revenue streams from the other verticals – manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, agriculture etc. Time may already be running out for telcos and they really need to seize the opportunity to engage enterprises directly and develop industrial IoT solutions!

We are looking at a wide array of use cases for next generation networks and telcos can choose to miss out on the low bandwidth applications that require ultra low power wide area networks but for other applications that require some amount of bandwidth, LTE-M and 5G plays to the advantage of traditional telcos. Those who invested in NB-IoT may have opened themselves up to unfair competition when they can already achieve a lot if they invested more in LTE-M by upgrading their already existing LTE networks positioning them to offer more industry tailored solutions for IoT use cases.

Most enterprise and industrial use cases for IoT may require minimum bandwidth and low latency requirements which would typically not be achieved without 4G LTE-M and a lot more can already be offered before we dive into standalone 5G!!!


edem5G hype and random thoughts on 4G LTE-M!

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